This course is for the learners who want to become web developer. The Self Instructional Material along with hands on experience will help the learner to design simple web pages using HTML tags, use web editor for designing websites, use scripts for creating interactive web pages.

Medium of Instruction


Entry Level

10 + 2 Pass or Certificate in Web Designing from NIOS

Course Duration

Six Months

Essential Course Duration

160 Hours

Course Fee

Rs. 5000/-

Course Components
S.No Title of Component Essential Contact Hrs
Theory Practical
1 Advanced Web Designing 60 100
Scheme of Examination
S.No Name of the subject / Modules Time (in hrs.) Marks Total
Theory Practical Theory Practical Internal Assessment
1 Advanced Web Designing 2 2 40 60 -- 100
Passing Criteria
S.No Name of the subject Certification criteria (percentage)
Theory Practical Internal Assessment Aggregate in each paper module
1 Advanced Web Designing 50 50 -- 50